Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello, I live in Kabul

I am now an official resident of trailer #ND-107, which simultaneously makes me sound like a prisoner and trailer trash. Regardless, it's very cozy and I'm just happy to be here after a looooong journey to Kabul. I took the 10:20pm flight from DC to Dubai on Monday night, which was delayed due to ice/snow. I had been on the waitlist for *months* to get upgraded, but sadly it did not happen. This the view from my economy plus seat of the de-icing process:

Thirteen hours later, I was in Dubai!! The airport is very new and shiny, with an "Arabian nights" theme happening. I arrived at 8:30pm on Tuesday night, and then I got on the 3:30 am flight to Kabul.

Two and a half hours later, I was in Kabul! The Kabul airport is...not so shiny and new. I was picked up at the airport by embassy drivers in armored cars, who drove me the 10 minute drive to the embassy compound.

I had to wait around in the parking lot of the airport for the other embassy employees that were being picked up, so I took a few pictures of the scenery, i.e. the barbed wire and the sad, lonely luggage cart.

After arriving in Kabul at 6:50am, I immediately went to the office and worked until 6:00pm. It was rough, but ultimately good for getting over jetlag. I wandered over to my hooch in a haze at 6:00pm and didn't wake up until 5:00am the next morning. I was told that I was lucky to receive my 'own' hooch right away, as apparently people had been sharing hooches for several weeks when they first arrived, due to housing shortages.

This is the view from the door, looking in on the bed and bathroom:

And this is the view looking back out towards the door, which is obscured by the GIANT full-sized refrigerator, which I will hopefully get removed soon. The hooch is actually pretty cozy, and not much smaller than my freshman year dorm, which I had to share with a roommate. I think I might even ship my elliptical, so I can work out every day.

Also, the bathroom is not bad at all:

This is the view of the outside of the hooch facility that is right next to mine. I'm on the first floor, which is nice. Also, cats and sandbags are ubiquitous.

There are 2 main dining facilities (or DFACs - seriously, does everything deserve its own acronym??? Why can we not just call them dining halls? Is that not cool enough for the military personnel? I mean, if the place has a TV that shows "The Bachelorette" every morning and maintains a large collection of board games, including Scrabble and Apples to Apples, I really do not believe that it deserves to be called the DFAC. Let's just keep that extra syllable in there.) But I digress. Another odd fact about the dining halls is that they do not feel the need to have ketchup and mustard at every table, but have replaced them with TWO different kinds of hot sauce.

And one final picture of the embassy compound is below. When I saw the sign I immediately checked my AK-47 and removed my Us Weekly from my backpack.


  1. I love you and miss your witticisms.

  2. im not sure if its "arabian nights" themed when its actually IN DUBAI...just sayiiiin... <3 you!!!