Monday, January 31, 2011

Calligraphy and Unpasteurized Milk

I went out around town today on a field trip. Actually, it was "site visits" of U.S. grantees, but it felt like the most amazing field trip ever. Much better than the Dallas science museum.

This picture was taken out the window of a moving car, so I have no idea what this building is. However, you can see that there are mountains surrounding Kabul in every direction you look, which is one of the reasons that the pollution is so bad. Also, this picture makes the city look almost desolate, but you can't see the raging chaos of the traffic around us.

All of the donkey-drawn carts remind me of Shenyang! Maybe one of my career goals should be to always live in a place where I can drink tea and buy products off the back of a mule.

Burka sighting!! I don't wear a scarf inside the embassy compound, but when I'm out around town I've been bringing a pashmina and wearing it if I feel like it's appropriate.

More typical buildings in the city...

Lots of houses are built up on the hills around the city, apparently because the population is growing like crazy. Lots of people are moving to Kabul from other parts of the country and coming back from Iran/Pakistan, due to the relative security of Kabul. Also, these 'cabs' have gmail accounts written on their sides!

Girls practicing calligraphy with the help of a U.S. grant!

All of the girls in the front, boys in the back :)

Some of the artwork was on display. I wanted to steal it all! Amazingly beautiful.

At another site, women and girls were learning how to care for cows and sell the byproducts at the local markets.

You can barely see the mountains in the background. U.S. helicopters flew overhead at one point during the visit.

The female veterinarian teaching the participants:

Don't get the pashminas dirty!

My camera ran out of memory, so I had to switch to the iphone. Here's a picture of another veterinarian:

At the end of the visit, they gave us some hot milk with sugar and cardamom, homemade yogurt, sweet bread, and cookies. I was slightly nervous, but it was really delicious. So far, so good...fingers crossed.

So yeah, I spent the afternoon drinking warm milk out of porcelain teacups and eating cookies. Living the fabulous life in Kabul.

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  1. I love it! What an amazing experience you are having there! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures throughout the city and your insights to people's real lives there.