Monday, November 22, 2010

Favorite Foods and Peeps

Ms. Chong, Beth, and Xinjiang baijiu: all of which are too strong for most Chinese men to handle.

Delicious Uyghur food and beer!

Beth and Will, immediately after our cab driver told us that Beth, the 老大姐, is much more of a man than Will, who appears to anger very easily. He was clearly correct on all counts.

South Beauty comes to Shenyang!!
Delicious 松鼠鱼,squirrel fish, which is deep-fried and covered sweet sauce.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last Few Days in Shenyang...

So, even though I'm in DC now, I still have a bunch of pics from Shenyang. Here are the first of the bunch:

Consular section going-away lunch at my favorite hot pot restaurant:

While walking to the consulate on my last day of work, I took a picture of an early morning poker game:

Three common Shenyang sights all in one picture: outdoor sofas, dirty cabbage, and a bike repair stand.

This nice deaf man fixed my bike tire, which was slightly flat. One hour after this picture was taken, the tire was completely flat. Jerk.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

China or U.S.?

U.S.: somewhere above Virginia, on my way to DC.

Shenyang, on my way to work.

Texas, right by my house.

Shenyang, bird's eye view from the 16th floor.

Texas, field of corn in my neighborhood.

Shenyang, cabbage out to dry.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

中美关系越来越密切!Face of America: getting faced

Before I left China, the chief of consular affairs for Liaoning Province, Mr. Zhao Hongbin, took us all out to dinner to say goodbye. Mr. Zhao, of course, famously 能喝酒, so he started the dinner with water glasses full to the brim with 白酒, which is 80-120 proof or 40-60% alcohol. Vodka, by contrast, is only 35-50%. Making good local government contacts in northeastern China requires eating lots of sea cucumbers and drinking lots of baijiu. Beth and I obviously can drink them under the table, so they love going out with us. This time, Beth tried to claim that she had a toothache (true) and I claimed pregnany (false). Mr. Zhao claimed drinking would help solve both problems.

Me with the translator Raymond, who is the only 东北外办who watches more TMZ than I:

Brandon reluctantly toasting with Mr. Zhao:

Beth, gearing up for a night out with Zhao:

LOVE the color coordination happening here.

In the words of Mr. Zhao, 喝白酒是必须必的!