Monday, November 22, 2010

Favorite Foods and Peeps

Ms. Chong, Beth, and Xinjiang baijiu: all of which are too strong for most Chinese men to handle.

Delicious Uyghur food and beer!

Beth and Will, immediately after our cab driver told us that Beth, the 老大姐, is much more of a man than Will, who appears to anger very easily. He was clearly correct on all counts.

South Beauty comes to Shenyang!!
Delicious 松鼠鱼,squirrel fish, which is deep-fried and covered sweet sauce.

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  1. Hi! I've enjoyed looking at your blog and seeing just how Chinese Shenyang is. My husband is in A-100 right now, and we just got news that we'll be heading to Shenyang in May.
    If you're in the DC area, we'd love to meet you sometime and grill you-- I mean-- ask you a few questions about your experience in Shenyang.
    Let me know!
    chickenflag at hotmail dot com