Saturday, October 30, 2010

You know you’ve spent too much time in Shenyang when:

1. When your Pride and Prejudice and Zombies costumes, i.e. tacky dresses, hollow eyes, and pale skin, could have doubled as “typical winter day in Shenyang” costumes:

2. Small Chinese children are no longer scared of the foreign devils:

(Jina, of course, fears nothing and no one)

3. Personal freedom and basic liberties are no longer appealing:

4. You’ll eat any kind of meat: donkey, bug, dog, Beth

5. After seeing the dirt patio of the restaurant covered in grimy cabbage, you immediately order a cabbage dish without thinking twice:

6. You willingly and freely pay for baijiu on tap as a social activity

7. Upon our entrance, the Filipino band at the only Irish bar in town immediately hands the microphone to us, knowing that before the night is over at least one of us will lead the crowd in a rousing rendition of Bad Romance

8. The single life skill that you've learned in 18 months is the art of cupcaking:



  1. ROTFL!!! LOVE this post!!

    My favorite part was the part about eating any kind of meat... including Beth! That was truly hilarious!!

    I blogged a while ago about how dog is food in China... even after your recent post about such... and took some flak in my comments section. But I remember that you just blogged about that a few weeks ago, and you just said it again in this post!

    Loved the pictures and the costumes. Love your blog- am so grateful for you bloggers in China! And how can you still be so incredibly gorgeous even with zombie Halloween makeup on? That's totally unfair...

  2. Aww, thanks for the awesome comment! I *loved* your post about the Chinese supermarket. And you know what? It's NOT an urban legend! Especially in the Northeast, with all of the Korean influence, dog meat is popular. It's more expensive than regular pork or chicken though, so no worries about getting tricked into eating it.

    Also, could you add me to the map? Such a great idea!!

  3. Such great costumes!

    -old roomie Heather