Thursday, April 29, 2010


More pictures from my stint in Chengdu. Beth and I spent a day at the panda refuge outside town. It was pretty awesome.


The red panda. Less famous, but equally cute.

We also spent 1,000 RMB each to take our pictures with pandas. I thought we'd get to hold a baby, but it was more like sitting next to an adolescent. Still worth it.

Candid conversation shot.

Family portrait.

This panda/child combo was way cuter. I'm also a little jealous that the kid didn't need to wear any protective clothing. Ageism? Racism? I say both.

The panda was clearly more interested in his apples than us, which was totally fine with me. No one tells you about the panda-claws and panda-fangs before the close-up. Also, his name is Huan Huan, like 欢迎. After we took pictures, I told Beth "欢迎你来到我的心" and she threw up a little in her mouth.

Tropic Thunder!

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