Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last Weekend in NYC!

Road trip to the city! Virginia, Dave, and me 2 hours outside DC

me and Noreen, at the Russian vodka room

NYU in Nanjing kids! me, Erik, Egor, and Mike at brunch

with Heather, getting ready on Saturday night

me and neevs

out at Catch-22 on Saturday

Cramer, why are you so creepy?

I was going to take a before picture of the food, but that plan quickly fell by the wayside as soon as the food arrived. This is the after picture. nom nom nom.

Inauguration Night with Jordan and Nikki

Jordan and I at Lauriol Plaza
me and Nikki

Inauguration Day!!

It's exactly 4:26am, and we're about to set off!
...and no, no one wanted me to take this picture :)

The Shaw/Howard Giant at 5am -
yup, stiiiiiill sketchy, even on inauguration day

Biggest line ever at the Chinatown McDonalds.

The Honeysuckle Rose! This is the closest I got to a celebrity sighting. I did see someone brushing his teeth in the window, so it could've been Willie! (and I didn't realize how creepy that would sound until I typed it out...)

How very beltway -
Getting closer!

at the gate for silver ticket holders:
absolutely crazy packed full of people

our view of the Capitol:

that's the Washington Monument way in the background of the shot -

trying to get out after the ceremony was insane, because all exits were barricaded for the parade

Pre-Inauguration party

Saturday night at Larry's:

Stephanie, me, Virginia, and Laura

Maryum, me, Laura, and Stephanie:

things start to get interesting when Adam arrives -

and then just go downhill when Michael and A-train show up -

Friday, January 16, 2009

Wheels Up Party

At Buffalo Billiards in Dupont:

me, Phil (Georgetown), Garth (Kuwait),
Jacob (Manila), and Maryum (Cairo)

me and Maryum

Munir (Jeddah), Maryum, and Jacob

me, Pat (Islamabad), and Maryum

Wes (Lagos)

for Seung and Brandon: Enjoy!


More Pics!

This is me:

And this is my new black passport! (yes, that's Chelsea Lately in the background. I think this is a promising start to the blog.)

And this is the somewhat blurry visa in the passport:

Day One!

Countdown to Shenyang: 18 days

Current city: Washington, DC

I'll be posted in Shenyang, China as a first-tour Foreign Service Officer, working in the consular section.