Monday, July 20, 2009

Eurotrip 2009

So this past week I went to Italy with my friend Nima, my old roommate from New York City. I met up with him in Bremen, Germany, where he was visiting his friend from MIT. We wandered around Bremen on Sunday before leaving for Milan on Monday. This is actually the only picture I took in Bremen, which was tiny. It's the four traveling musicians of Bremen:

me and Nima:

Nima, expounding on the architecture with Will -

Up on the roof of the cathedral:

Checking out the view of Milan:

First gelato of the trip!

Will and I wandering through the old castle in the middle of the city:

Chilling in the fountain. I think it's pretty obvious which foot is mine.

Bored in H&M while the boys shop.

Will and Nima discover they can drink on the street -
Later we went to Old Fashioned, which is a bar at the base of a TV tower. It was literally 90% models, so Will and Nima took turns getting rejected.
me and Nima:

Nima, looking giddy, with models in the background:

Will and I:

Amazing outdoor bar:

View of the TV tower from the bar:

Crazy breakdancers at the party:

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